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Econia is a business sim that looks to blend together idle, tycoon and city-builder elements

Econia is an MMO business simulator that’s now available globally for both iOS, Android and will be heading to PC soon as well. It looks to be a mixture of a tycoon, idle and city-builder games but still promises a good amount of depth you might not associate with an idle title.

The aim of Econia will be to make smart business decisions by choosing good investments whilst taking care of your workers and the general populace. You’ll also be able to trade and make alliances with other players or, if you prefer to be a ruthless business individual, take everything from your competitors and leave them with nothing.

The world will be divided into a series of mini-areas or stand-alone cities where up to 14 players will vie for financial dominance against one another at a time. The developers hope that this will lead to a more realistic feeling economy that’s close to that of the real world. You can check out a trailer for Econia via the embedded video above.

You’ll have to think strategically as you look to build enterprises throughout your city which will expand your area of influence. You can’t ignore the other players in your region either and will have to engage with them at some stage or at least monitor what they’re up to at all times in an attempt to predict their next move.

You won’t have to constantly be online to play Econia, however, the world will change whilst you’re away since there will be other players making business moves in your absence. This will naturally make the game more unpredictable and emphasises the importance of forming some kind of alliance with other players to try and guarantee some financial protection whenever you’re not playing.

Econia is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It’s a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

Credit: Econia is a business sim that looks to blend together idle, tycoon and city-builder elements