Azur Lane: Crosswave Switch Release Dated

Idea Factory International announced the North American and European release dates for the Nintendo Switch version of Azur Lane: Crosswave. The game will launch in North America on February 16, 2021, with Europe receiving the game shortly after on February 19, 2021. The Nintendo Switch version includes the game’s Taihou and Formidable DLC packs, as well as an updated Photo Mode that increases the number of characters from three to six.

Azur Lane: Crosswave is a naval RPG where battleship maidens fight out in the open sea and was released for PC and PlayStation 4 in 2019. The characters are modelled and named after real-world ships from the 20th century. Those looking to read more about the game can check out RPGamer’s review of the PlayStation 4 version.

Credit: Azur Lane: Crosswave Switch Release Dated